Our roots are in creating functional, flattering and fashionable clothing for riding. EQ Wear Performance Pants boast the elements that make them great for sport, including no seams between horse and rider, friction fabric for leg and full seat coverage, legs that stay in place, wide waistband support, and wonderful fabrics that can enhance performance. Once you ride in these, you can’t go back to your old riding pants. We love ’em!
EQ Wear is for the woman who doesn’t need clothes to define who she is.  She needs clothes that can keep up with her — while looking gorgeous and feeling great. EQ Wear will be there for her — in her ever-adventurous life. Check out our collection made of the most luxurious fabrics available in the world and carefully cut, sewn and finished in our studios in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Enjoy!

EQ Wear specializes in making functional, flattering, and fashion-forward garments.

Every detail counts:  from our material selection, from Europe to the Choctaw Nation, to our designs of the most comfortable, flattering and beautiful aspects deployed, to production in our own facility right in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma, to working with our valued partners in getting the word out to you, to testing, delivering and working with you, our customers, to bring you the experience we expect.

We believe in slow fashion and that function and beauty not only go together, they survive.  We build our products so that you can pass them down to your children.  But we know you'll want to keep them ;-)

Please enjoy our products and wear them in good health and many happy times.