About Us

Our Kickstarter video, that does a nice job of telling the story of how EQ Wear got started.

EQ Wear brings classic elegance to a western heritage lifestyle. Our products are developed with performance enhancement as a first requirement while also making wearers look and feel great. We are far more than just a pretty face!

Horses have always been a passion.  When I was a girl I couldn't get enough of horses and barn life.  My playtime was on a pony in the middle of a pond or jumping over barrels.    

This is my mom, who was my style and passion icon.

Horses and horse people raised me.  Life lessons I carry with me today were formed from summers on the road going to horse shows, living with my friends who were my fiercest competitors, forming partnerships with animals who communicated clearly but not verbally, and from trainers, grooms, parents and friends with some sage and indelible advice.

These are the Crabtrees, legendary horsemen, from whom I learned so much.


I'm surrounded by remarkable women, Helen Crabtree, left, and Randi Stuart Wightman. 

EQ Wear had a proud beginning and our evolution has been great.  Our customers were quick to embrace the attention to detail, comfort and incredible fit of EQ Wear and welcomed us, open armed, into the fashion world.  This allowed us to venture beyond our classic EQ Wear Pant into more pieces.  We are just as proud of every skirt, top, jacket and dress as we were of that very first pant.  We are delighted to now include men's to the mix.  

Every piece is curated for just the right feel, design, shape and stitch to bring you a remarkable experience when wearing your EQ Wear apparel.  The fabrics we choose are second to none in quality and fit for purpose.



Our beautiful colors are inspired by what we experience in Oklahoma – the red dirt in the west and the tall grass in the north, and by our rich Native American culture – as well as by you, our beloved customers and your exclusive tastes. EQ Wear apparel is functional, flattering, and fashion-forward.  We delight in sharing this experience with you.


Ride Well.  Look Good.  Feel Great.

Bev Anderson, Founder
EQ Wear